The benefits of persistence

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Serita Winthrop

Serita Winthrop with her granddaughter Fiona

For Serita Winthrop, one of the best things about being a co-host for Healing Circles Global was that it gave her an opportunity to serve others from home. At 80, she struggled with the technology involved, especially Zoom, but she persisted. She co-hosted the healing circle named Coming Together 10 with Cary Zavala for several years and continues to participate as a member.

Serita has participated in other healing circles as well and is most impressed by how much it helps those who are isolated. “The connections we make in our circles are strong and it’s clear that members deeply appreciate the structure that makes it a safe place to share honest feelings.”

Serita’s experience as a volunteer and circle member inspired her to become a donor. She’s a friend of Commonweal co-founder Michael Lerner, which is how she first heard about HCG. “It’s an honor to be a part of healing circles,” she says. “I’m convinced that it’s serving such a huge need. We’re creating community in these circles.”

Decades ago, when Serita was a social worker, she founded a group for young mothers that met in her home. After they were recently reunited at a wedding, seven members of the original group decided to meet monthly via Zoom. But 26 years later, they now share the challenges of parenting adult children in their twenties. Thanks in part to her experience as a co-host and member of her Coming Together circle, Serita is able to joyfully lead this support group once a month.

“We all need support during these turbulent times,” Serita says. “Having a community of caring people is a big help. I’m enormously grateful to Diana Lindsay and Susanne Fest for all the work that they’ve done to create this extraordinary way to be of service. I really love being a part of Healing Circles Global.”