Research reveals the tremendous power of social support in healing. Good social support improves your health and negative (or no) social support can damage it. In fact, no social support is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Healing circles might be a welcome addition to an existing community center, or you might be inspired, along with a group of others, to create a healing circle that serves a specific population. Centers serve circle members through the ups and downs of illness and recovery, through success and failure, joy and grief, throughout the life cycle of circle members.

Here are some blog posts that provide more information:

The Birth of Healing Circles Langley

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Healing Circles Langley has grown from two monthly circles to hosting 60 circles or events per month. All of this has been accomplished without any paid staff. We raise our own money through the generosity of local Whidbey donors.
People gathered in circle

Starting Healing Circles in Communities of Faith

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Learn how Healing Circles Houston helps faith communities benefit from healing circles by partnering with them.

Getting Started in Jerusalem

Our program, Revadim, was established in order to bring the Commonweal model supporting cancer patients to Israel.

Healing from Chronic Pain

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It wasn’t an experience I was eager to revisit. Pain (mostly migraines) and fatigue dominated my life for 15 yrs. I cannot offer a formula for my return to health…

Discovery Circles

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Arts enable breakthroughs in our thinking and our understanding of self in crisis that our rational minds may withhold.

10 Tips for Getting Started

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How we got started at Healing Circles Langley feels like a miracle—outside of any norm we could have conceived. The right people showed up time and again to co-create, serve, and stretch us to do more. Capturing that process in ten tips seems…

The Healing Power of Love

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A terminal diagnosis led to 10 lessons on love and the start of Healing Circles Langley.

Circle Magic

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It’s easy to become attached to the expectation that whenever a group of us gather in healing circles, magic will appear. What do we do when it doesn’t?

Reaching Back, Giving Forward

In this Thriving Communities video, Diana Lindsay talks about her recovery from stage IV lung cancer and the opening of Healing Circles Langley. 

The practice of healing circles

This guide is a great place to get started. You can work through it on your own, with a partner, or sign up for online training.

To download the guide, click the image below.

The practice of healing circles guide

Photo courtesy of Harmony Hill