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Roots: Exploring the Art of Wellness

The mission of Roots is to help improve individual and community well-being by creating a supportive atmosphere in which people are encouraged to make positive life decisions, build community, and learn ways to improve health and wellness.

Crash Courses and Healing

Catherine (Kate) Dussault is a firm believer that, as we heal ourselves, we can “heal” the world. That’s what Healing Circles is about. Heal yourself through community and ultimately, the world shifts.

A Love Letter to Healing Circles Langley

The gift of a community like Healing Circles Langley is like what the Sufis call the "pearl without price." We heal in community. We discover ourselves in community. And above all else, we serve others in community.

A Day in the Life of Healing Circles Langley

When Diana checked in with a description of her day so far, she said: “It is what I always dreamed Healing Circles could and would be.”