Healing Circles can begin right in your own home—deepening the relationship between spouses and partners, bridging gaps between parents and children. You might want to invite friends, neighbors, or people who share a common concern.

There are many types of healing circles you could host in your home, and they don’t have to cost any money or involve a lot of planning. Let circles flow.

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Young hands holding older hands

Caregiving for loved ones

I began attending a healing circle while caregiving for my brother and sister-in-law. She was suffering from multiple chronic diseases all wrapped in quickly accelerating dementia, and my brother was exhausted from caregiving. He was experiencing…

10 Tips for Getting Started

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How we got started at Healing Circles Langley feels like a miracle—outside of any norm we could have conceived. The right people showed up time and again to co-create, serve, and stretch us to do more. Capturing that process in ten tips seems…

Depth without Digging

After one circle struggled and ended, Commonweal Cancer Help Program alumni found a way to build a circle that lasts.

Commonweal Cancer Help Program Alumni Circles

We bring forth our most authentic selves, share what is most important, are present with our own and each other’s hearts, share joys and sorrows, and through this, do the soul work that feeds us most profoundly.

Header photo by David Welton