Roots: Exploring the Art of Wellness

In September 2019, a new wellness center offering a wide range of healing modalities opened in Langley, Washington. But before the doors of Soundview Center opened, a vision of a partnership between Healing Circles Langley and the new center emerged: Roots – Exploring the Art of Wellness.

Roots is a program of Healing Circles Langley but housed in the Soundview Center and focuses on 10 “roots” of wellness:

  • Exploration/creativity
  • Lifestyle/daily practices
  • Social connectedness
  • Stress/resilience
  • Emotional/mental health
  • Sense of self
  • Physical health
  • Finances
  • Purpose/meaning
  • Environmental

The mission of Roots is to help improve individual and community well-being by creating a supportive atmosphere in which people are encouraged to make positive life decisions, build community, and learn ways to improve health and wellness.

Healing Circles Langley has always been a learning community that offers a social hub where all of us—regardless of age or health—can expand our capacity for healing, living, and aging well. Yet our wellness classes have always been limited by our space restrictions. Roots of Wellness offers a large space and a dynamic team to focus on new wellness programs for the older generation as well as interactive programming for families with children and younger people in our community.

The small village of Langley is physically located between Healing Circles on one end and SoundView Center at the other. Together, they embrace and hold all members of our community, young and old.

To mark this new partnership, we will host a Lantern Festival on December 20, 2019, a lantern walk through Langley from Healing Circles to Soundview, celebrating our children, the future of any community.