The roots of circle


The circle is a common first culture that is indigenous to all peoples, including the white tribes of pre-Roman Europe. Campfire rings in Africa and the Nile Delta date back more than 100,000 years. Evidence of these long-cooled ashes of culture-building councils spread with humanity as we populated the globe.

We, who practice circle today, are of every race and ethnicity and draw on this DNA of our common ancestral source. We also acknowledge that indigenous and African cultures, despite constant abuse under dominant hierarchy, have preserved access to and memory of their traditional ways, providing a pattern of remembrance for all. For this, we are profoundly grateful.

At Healing Circles Global, we invite participants to understand the universality of circle and to study their own lineage. We work toward equity in all we do so we can re/member together the ways of listening and speaking that allow us all to belong to the circle again.