Places where people gather in a range of organizational settings are wonderful places to start healing circles work. A natural affinity has already occurred, and the circle can be a home where relationships can deepen and stronger bonds form.

Healing Circles work has already begun in religious and spiritual organizations, in hospitals and wellness centers, in prisons and mediation practices.

Networks of organizations throughout a city or community can also provide a strong social net when crisis or disaster occurs.

People gathered in circle

Starting Healing Circles in Communities of Faith

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Learn how Healing Circles Houston helps faith communities benefit from healing circles by partnering with them.

10 Tips for Getting Started

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How we got started at Healing Circles Langley feels like a miracle—outside of any norm we could have conceived. The right people showed up time and again to co-create, serve, and stretch us to do more. Capturing that process in ten tips seems…

A Theme a Month for Hospitals

Being able to anticipate a theme over the course of a month guides us into deeper meaning and clarity.

Healing Art Circle

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At St. Paul's Church in Houston, we explore self-discovery topics, such as emotions, stress, loss, strength, self-awareness, and transformation, by pairing them with specific art activities wrapped in healing circles.

Header photo by David Welton