Finding My Tribe

Exploring the cancer journey by Lisa Peacock
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Treasure Chest by Lisa Peacock

by Lisa Peacock

I need to build my own support network.

  • The young neighbors who walk our dog Maude
  • The NHS volunteer who’s in a rock band drives me to and from the hospital in their van
  • The friend who gives me beeswax lip balm with kind messages—”bee happy”
  • The friend who secretly cut my hair in her back garden during the pandemic so I could feel some sense of control
  • The group of friends who walk with me on the moors where I have a healing encounter with a wild pony

When the treatment is over, I find a new tribe that allows me to realize and express my grief, teaches me to listen and not solve, and to be a part of, not separate from. People experiencing cancer: this is my tribe. These are the people I gather around the fire with—OK, it’s Zoom—and tell stories of life and loss. It’s the place where the ice around my heart—the emotional numbing from the trauma—begins to melt.


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