Exploring the cancer journey by Lisa Peacock

Finding My Tribe

by Lisa Peacock I need to build my own support network. The young neighbors who walk our dog Maude The NHS volunteer who’s in a rock band drives me to and from the hospital in their van The friend who gives me beeswax lip…
Multiple hands

The benefits of persistence

For Serita Winthrop, one of the best things about being a co-host for Healing Circles Global was that it gave her an opportunity to serve others from home. At 80, she struggled with the technology involved, especially Zoom, but she persisted.…

In search of authenticity

Despite being born into a male-dominated environment, Charlie Pieterick wound up in a profession dominated by women. “I grew up in a flat above a tavern owned by my father,” Charlie says. “I was immersed in a very patriarchal culture,…
Ferry to Vashon Island

Lifting the veil and encountering Truth

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You wouldn’t think a 37-square-mile area inhabited by 11,055 people would feel like a small town, but Vashon Island does–especially for someone like Gail Labinski. During her decades as a teacher, she has watched many an islander grow up…
Young hands holding older hands

Caregiving for loved ones

I began attending a healing circle while caregiving for my brother and sister-in-law. She was suffering from multiple chronic diseases all wrapped in quickly accelerating dementia, and my brother was exhausted from caregiving. He was experiencing…
Berlin at dusk

Healing circles in Europe and beyond

Nearly twenty years ago, I fell in love with circles. Since then, I’ve experienced circles as healing because they provide secular sanctuary, create safe spaces for opening up about our vulnerabilities and wounds (which we otherwise tend to…
A single tree in winter against a blue sky

Finding meaning in circle

by Chris Camarata I've been facilitating a healing circle on death and dying for more than a year with Nicolas and Robin. Nicolas had been studying these often-avoided topics and wanted a forum where people could talk openly about their feelings…
Vietnam team

Healing Circles in Vietnam

Healing Circles in Vietnam started with a group of friends who found respite in circles and hope in the Healing Circles Global community. We accidentally came across one another and decided to bring circles to the people and causes we care about…
Nina and Cynthia

Healing circles hit the road

Nina Burrowes and Cynthia Ellis have taken healing circles on the road, where they visit survivor networks and places of healing in the UK. Nina says: We've chosen to use circle as a way of holding space around a painful, raw, and important…
Gabi, Barbara, Diana, Stefan, Ulrike, and Susanne

From Zoom Room to Ballroom

When we started offering services through Healing Circles Global in March of 2020, just after the declaration of the global pandemic, we had no idea that we’d be meeting so many cool people from all over the world. On Zoom, no less!