Rising to Resilience

Will we rise?
Or just survive.
Hesitate to shake hands
Or grab everyone in a warm embrace.

Will we still be kind?
Or carry on blind.
Moving back through the hustle and bustle
Or continue to knock on our neighbours’ doors.
Will we be grateful?
Or just frustrated.
Of time lost to do what we planned
Or be so thankful for the time we didn’t expect to have.

Will we value our health more?
Or find problems with the system that kept us well.
Blame a government or society for a pandemic
Or will we still pause at seven bells and applaud.
Will we love a little softer?
Or hate so much harder.

Put our heads down as we pass the homeless again.
Or smile and stop, pass money, thinking of the time all we had was home.
Will we be happy to be back?

Or will we be sad we had to go back.
Hiding in our homes easier when nowhere to go.
Or sigh relief, go out and celebrate all the things.
Will we be spirited and resilient, relieved that normality is back?

Or will we be fragile and vulnerable
Afraid of what this new normal now brings.
Or look back, knowing we survived and rise.
Will we rise?

This poem is copyrighted by the poet and is included in the Healing Circles Global poetry wiki because it provides insight, nourishment, and inspiration to the hosts and participants of healing circles. We request that hosts and participants honor the poet’s copyright by not printing or sharing it in any other way. In fact, please support the poet’s work by visiting and supporting Tara Walsh at https://www.callanish.org/