The Way It Is (Rosemerry Trommer)

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


Over and over we break

open, we break and

we break and we open.

For a while, we try to fix

the vesselā€”as if

to be broken is bad.

As if with glue and tape

and a steady hand we

might bring things to perfect

again. As if they were ever

perfect. As if to be broken is not

also perfect. As if to be open

is not the path toward joy.

The vase thatā€™s been shattered

and cracked will never

hold water. Eventually

it will leak. And at some

point, perhaps, we decide

that weā€™re done with picking

our flowers anyway, and no

longer need a place to contain them

We watch them grow just

as wildflowers doā€”unfenced,

unmanaged, blossoming only

when theyā€™re readyā€”and my god,

how beautiful they are amidst

the mounting pile of shards.


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