Prayer for the New Year

by Kayleen Asbo

May I open my heart
to what wishes to be born in the coming year,
Neither clinging to what has been,
Nor grasping too quickly what is to come.

Rather, may I have the presence
–here, now, always–
to inhabit my breath and body
in each fleeting moment I am given,
to open my eyes to the wonder and beauty
that is before me right now.

With the last light of the year,
May I surrender all that does not serve,
Casting out to sea
Any fear, shame or blame.

May I hold fast to kindness,
to compassion and the certainty
that we are all kin.
May I make of my life
a place where hope,
love and joy
can nest.


Permission to reprint granted by the Kayleen Asbro here