Let your Life be your Art

Alix Koloff


Allow the golden, glistening moments to weave themselves Into an intricately crafted tapestry of experiences,
Thread by thread
Intertwining past, present, and future
Into one awe-inspiring spectacle for the universe to behold here, now.
Let your life be your art.
The way you move your body
As you work, on the street, in the forest, in the kitchen. Allow the carefully choreographed way
your hands dance as you prepare dinner
become a performance,
Rhythmically chopping, and stirring, and mixing.
Let your life be your art.
Surrender your speech to poetry.
Note the beauty of your articulations as they land
On the ears of your beloved
Like a sonnet,
Caressing them with love, understanding, and compassion Igniting light, illuminating their loveliness.
Let your life be your art.
The way your feet lovingly graze the earth
Like paint-strokes on a canvas
Sketching the soil, each step with a brilliant palette Of gentleness, care, lightness.


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