Let Love Go

Jeff Foster


Forget about transcending the body.

Love it instead.


Let go of the idea of ‘letting go’.

Instead, let love go deep into the tender places, the parts that ache.

Inhale into your sadness.

Let your fear move deep within you.

Bow to your uncertainty.


There is an untouchable place in you

that fearlessly allows itself to be touched.


Here, even your unworthiness has worth.

And that old feeling that you are unloveable?

It is loveable here.


Presence is the container, never the contained.

There is so much room in you, friend. So much room.

The Unknown embraces all that is known.


In the certainty of yourself,

even uncertainty can be held like a newborn.


There is nothing wrong with you,

including the idea

that there is something wrong with you.


So stop trying to love yourself;

simply be the Self that loves.


This poem is copyrighted by the poet and is included in the Healing Circles Global poetry wiki because it provides insight, nourishment, and inspiration to the hosts and participants of healing circles. We request that hosts and participants honor the poet’s copyright by not printing or sharing it in any other way. In fact, please support the poet’s work by purchasing the book in which this poem was originally published: Your Were Never Broken:Ā  Poems to Save Your Life.