Just be real friend.
Be who you are,
and where you are at.
That’s enough,
and it’s the only way

Most of us have put on enough masks
in our life time,
to have completely forgotten
our original face.

We’ve become far too clad
with the heavy coats of expectation,
suffocating under the weight
of the ways we think we ought to be.

You can drop that garb.

There’s always mystery
at the naked core of who you are,
and that’s just fine.

It’s not that we must rediscover
some definable self,
and hand that image over
for validation.
Rather, those solid definitions we
cart around with us
are heavy enough as it is,
but we’ve continued pushing them
despite the distress.

We’ve gotten so used
to that awkward play
of needing to be a somebody,
as if that somebody
were other than
who we already are.

We’ve forgotten how to let go
with all the spontaneity
of a flowers growth;
forgotten the beauty
of our own personal bloom.
That we are a fluid sweep
of light and dark.
That our faces,
like the moons,
wax and wane.

You don’t have to be any which way,
other than the way you are.
That sort of self acceptance
is the innate flourish,
is the fluid self cycle,
is the way back into life.

Don’t fool yourself
into believing
there is a better disguise.
Strip down to the bare beauty
of your authentic state
in this moment,
and move from there.

#beyourselfĀ #authenticity#selfacceptanceĀ #bereal

Written by Christopher WallaceĀ Ā Vancouver, Canada