This Poem Should Be A Circle

Mark Nepo


I wish you the ability to breathe
after pain, to begin again, though
nothing else seems possible.

I wish you resilience: to part like
the ocean and accept like the sky,
to be held like a root.

I wish you survival: to take in life
like a trapped miner finding an
airhole and praising it as God.

I wish you courage: to ask of
everything you meet, “What
bridge are we?”

I wish you chances to listen:
to all that holds us up.

I wish you the-kindness-that-you-are
coming to brighten your face
like orange leaves scattered
at the end of fall.

I wish you endless journey that
seldom appears as we imagine.

I wish you curiosity: to make a
boat of wonder and an oar
of gratitude.


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