Welcome to Part 4 of How to Host a Healing Circle.

During this last part of our training, we invite you to reflect on the nature of service in your life.

You’ll learn about the healing power of social support as an antidote to loneliness and an adjunct to physical and mental health.

In the first video, you’ll join a conversation among circle lineage holders about what it is that makes a circle healing.

In the second video, you’ll learn about the healing power of social support.

We invite you to watch the additional videos in which our circle mentors talk about the role that circles play in their lives.

In “In the service of life,” Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen describes the difference between helping, fixing, and serving. Only one of them heals.

In “What makes a circle healing,” author Janie Brown harvests insights that she gathered at a leadership council held on Whidbey Island.

In your journal, reflect on the following questions:

  • What’s your relationship to serving, helping, and fixing?
  • What are the most important themes you gleaned while watching the “what makes a circle healing” video?
  • What makes a circle healing for you?

If you’ve already downloaded the journal, you don’t need to do it again.

We hope that, by now, you feel familiar with the components that make up a healing circle, feel confident in your ability to host a circle, and are excited about taking the next step in your learning journey.

The world needs what you have to offer, and we hope you’ll join an established team or blaze a new trail and start a healing circle that we don’t yet offer.

Next steps

Fill out the evaluation

At the end of the final training session, your mentors share a link to an evaluation form. If you didn’t have an opportunity to submit it then, you’ll receive a follow-up email that contains the same link. The form serves two purposes: it gives you the opportunity to evaluate the training and enables you to volunteer.

Join a circle

Whether you want to volunteer or not, you can join a circle as a participant. You’ll find the registration links here on our website. Just click the Join a Circle menu above.

Join the community

The Global Circle of Hosts meets monthly, and we invite you to register here and participate.

If you joined the Healing Circles Global Network when you registered or filled out the evaluation, we’ll let you know when it’s available. It will enable you to connect with people who share your interests or live in your area.

Take advantage of upcoming opportunities

Keep an eye out for our monthly-ish newsletter to learn about new opportunities. Unless you expressly opted out, you signed up for the newsletter when you registered for or evaluated this training. If you’re not sure, you can sign up here.

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