A warm welcome—we’re delighted  to have you!

There are four parts to this training, and you can access each of them below. Within each part, there are three activities (watching, reading, and writing) to complete on your own before participating in the live, 90-minute Zoom session with your fellow trainees.

In addition, we offer a fifth session in which mentors review next steps for hosting with us.

In Zoom, you’ll have the opportunity to put what you learned into practice and:

  • Experience a healing circle
  • Gain self-awareness in the process of a circle
  • Put elements of healing circles into practice in your life

This page serves as the home base for your training materials. Although the videos, downloadable materials, and blog posts are important, your participation in live Zoom sessions is irreplaceable. Please make preparing for and participating in these sessions a priority.

Week by week, you’ll acquire tools and gain the confidence to hold space, provide social connection, facilitate healing, and build community.