Welcome to Part 1 of How to Host a Healing Circle.

In this first part, you’ll become familiar with the foundational elements of healing circles,
including the history, structure, and processes. 

In the first video, Diana Lindsay, one of our co-founders, introduces you to when and how Healing Circles Global began, and which legacies we draw on. These are our origin stories and provide important context for our work.

In the second video, Diana talks about circle fundamentals, which consist of the agreements, roles, and format.

The downloadable Healing Circles Guide complements the material that’s covered in the videos. Consider printing the guide or displaying it on another device, so you can refer to it while you watch the videos.

We also invite you to read Kelly Lindsay’s blog post, in which he shares his thoughts on why it’s essential to create a safe container for healing circles and how each of the five agreements help achieve that.

In your journal, reflect on the following questions:

  • How are the agreements useful?
  • Which of the agreements do you expect to be the easiest to follow? Which do you expect to be most challenging?
  • What’s the difference between a host and guardian?

If you prefer to write by hand, you can download and print the Healing Circles Reflections journal. If you prefer to type, you can download and edit the file, which is in a universal format (RTF) that’s compatible with any word processor.

This 90-minute Zoom session is hosted by two experienced mentors who will guide you through an experience of a healing circle. You’ll stay with these mentors and fellow trainees for all four Zoom sessions, which will give you an opportunity to get to know one another and to feel safe and comfortable.