Keep your circle’s flame burning

Healing circles are peer-led and peer-supported. Although we offer circles for free, there’s a cost involved, which is why we’re turning to you for help.

If you’ve already donated, thank you! If you haven’t, and are able, please make a sustaining monthly donation to ensure that your circle can continue to provide support. By contributing regularly, you’ll enable us to start new circles, keep existing ones going, and create additional streams of income.

We value every contribution you make–whether you’re sharing from the heart in a healing circle or sharing of your abundance–and we’re so grateful that you’re part of this community!

You can donate here and dedicate your gift to a loved one, to your circle, or even your host. You can also invite loved ones to join you in this effort and give them a way to honor you on special occasions.

The most effortless way to give is by using a credit card or PayPal.