Our goal and mission

The goal of Healing Circles Global is to cultivate healing connection through positive social support to anyone who asks for it. This takes place in small circles built on a framework that brings out the best in people.

Our mission is to create safe spaces for healing ourselves, each other, and the world and is guided by the following principles:

  • Healing is the journey to wholeness
  • We work in community
  • Our people are our first priority
  • We live our agreements
  • We trust the process
  • We practice radical welcome
  • We embrace a spirit of generosity and reciprocity
  • We proceed at the pace of guidance

After participating in 10 or more healing circles

Surveyed participants say that circles:

Provide a safe space for me
Increase my sense of wellbeing
Make me feel less isolated/more connected
Give me an increased sense of hope
Reduce my stress and anxiety

Volunteers have provided more than


hours of service

They’ve hosted more than


individual healing circles

Participants come from more than



I am filled to the brim with love. That’s my experience with co-hosting the Living with Cancer circles. In my experience within the circle, we are marinating in love. In naming this, my eyes brim with tears of appreciation. To be (in) a space of love and appreciation is important to my life. I found my way to HCG after a healing circle training at CW in 2019. I was asked to co-host healing circles just a week after my mother passed. This was also just at the start of “shelter in place” and Covid. Co-hosting circles has been a way for me to honor my mother’s love, my deep love for her, and for all beings on this human journey. As my mother was dying, she often called us into family circles. In one of our circles, we held hands with my mother and she said, ‘create more circles and keep widening the circle.’ I feel the widening inside of me…”

I have now been able to create the kinds of spaces I’d been looking for for years. Circle has become an integral part of how we gather, how we listen, how we are heard. This is a process. A deep, powerful, soulful and sometimes messy one that I am so grateful to have discovered and so proud to share.

I would say that the healing circles have provided me with a sense of well-being. Partly because I like the people so much when we have the breakout rooms. I think these people I really want to get to know more, and they’re from all around the world, which is incredibly stimulating, and it feels like a privilege to talk to people from so far away from different cultures. But there’s a shared perspective, I guess that really enables one to make the connections rapidly and they feel important.

What inspires me to host in circles is that it has served such an essential purpose for so many, which is the validation of each individual of their worth and how sacred they are through a simple act of one listening generously to another with attentive silence and then receiving the same blessing in return. This is an expression of unconditional love, and I don’t know if there’s a more effective way of healing.

Transition circles give me that moment of pause in my life that I need. But it’s also recognizing that there are so many transitions that I don’t actually acknowledge and the importance of acknowledging those transitions and pausing in them. So if you imagine a stream where there are stepping stones. it’s not just about going across the stepping stones. It’s about pausing and standing on those stepping stones and enjoying the stream, enjoying the sound, enjoying the moment.

One of the biggest benefits to being involved in healing circles is it removes that sense of isolation that comes with a cancer diagnosis. And that connection with other people is really important, even if they’re not trying to give you specific advice or anything like that it’s just to say hey I’m here to listen to you and you’re seen. I think that’s very valuable.