The following links to external websites can help you develop your circle work.

Books About Circle

To explore circle in far greater depth, see these works, which inspired Healing Circles:

Articles About Creativity

  • This article about fostering your own creativity is from Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution website. Cain is the author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.”
  • This follow-up article is about creating an environment that nurtures creativity.
  • Through art, people in grief can express emotions that can be difficult to convey in words.

Providing Comfort

Ring Theory: Susan Silk and Barry Goldman articulate an easy-to-remember guideline for how not to say the wrong thing to someone who  needs help and comfort.

The New School Videos

The New School at Commonweal is a wonderful resource for deep conversations with many of today’s leading thinkers.

Here is a sample of a conversation on healing circles with Angeles Arrien.

Discovery Model Learning

In the video below, Michael Lerner introduces the speakers and Healing Circles community. Diana and Kelly Lindsay give an overview of Healing Circles Langley and the work being done there. Finally, Michael talks about the process work that has been used in the Commonweal Cancer Help Program for decades and the “curriculum” for the Healing Circles programs developing now.

In the part two, Rachel Naomi Remen gives an overview of the discovery model curriculum for medical students, The Healer’s Art, which is presently taught annually at more than 80 medical schools in the United States and in seven other countries. Rachel has developed this model to create a community of inquiry in which mutual healing, clarification of deep meaning and values, and personal transformation become accessible. Her discovery model philosophy and curriculum design is integral to the work of Commonweal’s new program, Healing Circles.

In part three, Michael, Rachel, Diana, and Kelly sit together to explore the important pieces of the day, and bring in audience questions.

Angeles Arrien

As a cultural anthropologist, Dr. Angeles Arrien’s research and teaching have focused on values and beliefs shared by humanity cross-culturally, and on the integration and application of multi-cultural wisdoms in contemporary settings. She teaches universal components of leadership skills, communication, healthcare, and education, showing how indigenous wisdoms are relevant in our families, professional lives, and our relationship with the Earth.

To see more videos from The New School, click here.

Header photo by David Welton