We heal better in community

Social networks have significant impact on health, healing, happiness, and longevity throughout our lifetime. As the largest sector of health professionals, nurses are uniquely suited to bring the power of healing circles to healthcare.

Integrating Healing Circles into your practice

Florence Nightingale believed in care that focused on unity, wellness, and the interrelationship of human beings, events, and their environment. Healing circles bring this spirit back into our work.

Circles of One

In times of both stress and self-reflection, a circle of one can provide welcome respite, rejuvenation, and insight.

Circles of Two

With patients, colleagues, friends, and family, a circle of two honors our experiences and diverse perspectives with compassion, kindness, curiosity, and respect.

Circles of More

Healing circles can refresh existing support circles by helping people find their own healing path to wholeness—physically, emotionally, and with a renewed sense of meaning.

Supporting you as you support others

The Healing Circles learning community inspires us all to deepen our skills, renew our sense of purpose, and expand our capacity for healing, living, and aging well.


The nurse leadership team will mentor you as you begin to offer your own healing circles.

Circle of Hosts

Whether online or in person, we offer the opportunity to gather with fellow nurses in a recurring healing circle.

Learning Community

Join fellow nurses in sharing your experiences.

Ongoing Education

The Practice of Healing Circles is the first in a series of training modules.

Personal experiences

Nurse leaders of Healing Circles are rediscovering and reclaiming the joy that brought them into nursing, the joy that we experience when we are truly practicing nursing.

Gathering in community reminded us of the power of the circle and helped us regain a sense of self and a renewed passion for our beloved nursing profession.

Learning the structure and premise of healing circles has helped me, as a nurse practitioner, listen to and encourage the inner wisdom and strength of the patients I serve.

What happened in the first circle was nothing less than amazing. The invitation to share from the heart created an energy in the circle that touched the hearts of all of us.

We all feel much grace, grit, gratitude, and gusto as we create this program in collaboration with extraordinary centers of healing.

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