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Zoom decoder ring

Avoid the most common Zoom problems by reading and following the instructions in this document, which includes information about six-digit codes.

How to make your bell sound awesome in Zoom

Here’s a comprehensive video from a meditation teacher about how to make your bells sound great in Zoom.

If you don’t have a Gmail address or Google account

HCG uses Google Workspace because Google provides that to nonprofits for free. If you don’t have a Google account, associate your non-Google email address with a Google account by following this procedure. That will make the following possible for you.

Your Google Group

This is the Google group to which Zoom codes get sent. Is everyone who is logging in to your team’s Zoom account(s) a member of this group? If not, they won’t receive codes. Please let Petra know if anyone’s missing. (If you can’t see the Google group, make sure you’re logged in to Google/Gmail.)

Your Google Calendar

Your team’s Google Calendar has been shared with the members of the Google Group above. (If you can’t see the calendar to the left and have a Google/Gmail calendar, make sure you’re logged in to Google/Gmail.)

Scheduling a new circle

When scheduling a new circle, be sure to check an entire month (on the calendar to the left) for availability. Sometimes biweekly and monthly circles occupy a time slot that you want to fill with a weekly circle. After you’ve established the time slot for your new circle, please fill out this form.

Self-care: how to report a break for your circle

If you’d like to take some time off and resume with the same peeps after your break, please fill out this form

Grief team leads

Loss team leads

Elena Neagu [email protected]

Stefan Kanya [email protected]